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(1976 - 2017)



Lomas Altas has more than just an academic goal; as an educational institution we are devoted to the construction of healthy and motivated minds.


We engage in interesting teaching/learning adventures upon which our students build their knowledge and at the same time we focus on what we consider our ultimate objective as educators: teaching children how to learn through hands-on experience. This is one of our greatest challenges and it is also the basis for our school’s approach towards this new millennium. In this way, by learning how to learn, our children will have the proper scaffolding for the coming years and life’s inherent experiences, being able to use personal strategies and technological tools that will suit particular needs.



With our globalized approach to the world, we intend to give our children a broadened view that will enhance the virtues of our environment or those in which they develop in the future, therefore expanding their horizons towards success in an international community.

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