Classes at the Primary level are completely bilingual in English and Spanish. Both American and British English are used. 

True bilingualism is achieved in the primary once our students have followed our preschool programme of total immersion into English. Subjects such as Language, Maths, Natural and Social Sciences are taught in both languages of instruction - English and Spanish.  Our ultimate goal is to have students learn in both languages in order to enhance their comprehension using language/s as a vehicle for understanding. 

Units of inquiry, as required in an International Baccalaureate world school, provide the framework for the development of our curriculum. Cooperation and teamwork are essential to the smooth functioning of our day-to-day activities. Our programme has been designed to guide and accompany our students in their social, physical and emotional development. 

Individual reading in English and in Spanish is stressed throughout the Primary; each student participates in weekly, individual sessions with the librarians. We are proud to have a library consisting of 15,000 volumes of both fiction and non-fiction. Our goal is to make reading an integral daily activity in the lives of our students and to create a lifelong reading habit.

From Nursery until Grade 4 Teachers' Aides are present in the classroom thus facilitating the successful transition of monolingual students into the bilingual programme. Furthermore, the high number of native speakers provides a good linguistic model for Spanish speakers learning English. International students are given individualized assistance to adapt to the S.E.P. programme (Mexico's Department of Education official programme). As the years progress, the children build on their confidence and our sixth graders leave equipped with fluency and competency in both English and Spanish and prepared to continue their studies in the junior high school of their choice.



The school has an outdoor hard surface basketball court and a play area. Students have the opportunity to participate in Sports (basketball, football and handball) Drama, Music, Chess, Robotics, and Stop Motion.


After Lomas Altas…

Students with an 8 or B average go on with great success to the Secondary School of their choice.


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