A Welcome from the Principal

Dear Parents

Thank you for your interest in Escuela Lomas Altas, a cozy, friendly learning community. For over 41 years, this school has hosted families from around the world giving this institution a true international flavor, it is, as I like to call it, “a spoonful of the world”. We foster international-mindedness in our campus; we celebrate diversity in a variety of ways.

We are known for offering a strong full-immersion program to English in the preschool that becomes the platform for our dual-language approach in the primary (English and Spanish). We want our students to learn through our two languages of instruction as if they were the vehicles for understanding. By showing respect to all mother tongues represented in our community we also strengthen each child’s identity.

Our staff is conformed by enthusiastic and committed teachers. We offer constant professional development to our teachers in order to continue to face an ever-changing world, a world in which that the proper teaching-learning techniques can make the difference. Our goal as educators is to give our students the proper opportunities to become lifelong learners and carefully look after their well-being as individuals.

Escuela Lomas Altas inspires a passion for learning; children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and to contribute to their community in down-to-earth actions that support us all. We are a small school, and we will continue to be one since we thoroughly believe our K – 6 model allows our students to be children in a more genuine way. Our student outcome is our contribution to the world, not only because they excel in higher thinking skills, but also because they develop compassion and gratitude.

I thank you for the trust you have placed in our hands.

Isela Consuegra Gamón