An Introduction to Escuela Lomas Altas


(2 & 3 yrs. old) 4 & 6 yrs. old) (1st - 6th grades)


Forty-three years of experience have laid the foundation upon which our school has built its tradition and high standards. Our emphasis is on a bilingual education and on an awareness of the many cultural and multi-national surroundings provided by our diverse student body. Our aim is to prepare the children in our care to cope with the world about them, not only in an academic way, but also to train them in self-discipline and to be able to make decisions for themselves. To this end we try to instill in them a care for each other and for their environment. Inquiry, investigation and cooperative learning are encouraged at all levels. Our teachers work with aides and this enables us to give the students the individual attention they may, on occasion, need to forge ahead. Upon successful completion of each grade, students are qualified to continue their studies in English and/or in Spanish, either in Mexico or abroad.
Inquiry leads learning as we are an IB World School authorized for the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate with its goals and values of international education. We were one of the first schools in Mexico to implement the programme and, after ten years, we are very proud to say we met the stringent standards of our evaluation, the second of the ongoing evaluation visits, with great success.
In twice-weekly P.E. classes students do general callisthenics and are taught the rules of games such as handball, football and basketball, as well as good sportsmanship; every term we participate in games tournaments with several bilingual schools in the city. Music classes foster the development of many abilities through coordination and singing. In computer classes, in a multi-media environment, the students learn how to use word processors, spreadsheets, databases, presentations and other creative programs and to email and do research on the internet. They also use different resources, including digital ones, to practice spelling and reading comprehension. In Drama, children are encouraged to develop self-awareness of their bodies, voice and movements in order to strengthen and further develop their communication skills, as well as to foster creativity and a love for expressing themselves.
Every term there is a choice of after-school activities ranging from art and sports to chess, photography, animation and music. Individual French classes could be organized.