ELA Staff Partake in SKY Breath Meditation Course to Promote Mental Wellbeing at School

At ELA, we believe in fostering the mental wellbeing of students and staff alike. For this reason the school offered the SKY Breath Meditation course to all members of staff in March. The course is designed to empower those who take it with research-backed breathwork practices to recharge and rejuvenate the body and the mind.

The SKY breathing technique, brought to Mexico by El Arte de Vivir México, has been proven to significantly reduce anxiety, depression, lowering stress markers, as well as increase  well-being, focus and optimism. A recent study on the effects of the SKY program conducted on undergraduates at UCLA showed significant improvements in sleep quality and reductions in anxiety for those who had partaken in the course.

The retreat features interactive group processes, experiential learning, breathwork techniques, meditation, light yoga, and mindful leadership.

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