Reflections on the occasion of Mexico’s Independence Day, 2023. A poem by our Drama and Chess teacher, Mr. Adam Lux.

On this day in mid-September,
Hidalgo’s ‘Grito de Dolores’ we must remember,
A dream of liberty took flight from a small town’s centre
And spread from coast to coast.

While this bravery led to Hidalgo’s execution,
His cry of independence started a revolution,
Inspiring a nation to form their own constitution:
Fighting for freedom and equality for all.

As the drumming of self-determination beat louder,
Morelos, and later Iturbide, emerged from the gunpowder,
Continuing the struggle that led to the Treaty of Córdoba –
Proclaiming Mexico’s independence from Spain.

So join me in raising a glass before you go,
To toast these courageous heroes who refused to kowtow,
And sing and dance and shout viva México,
Feliz día de la independencia to all!

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