Preschool ages of three to six-and-a-half or seven are critical to the formation of a basic bank of solid knowledge and good habits conducive for learning. At Escuela Lomas Altas, each student is unique and allowed to progress at his/her own pace, with extra help provided where needed. We are strong advocates for reading as a cornerstone of education, which is why we employ an attractive, multi-sensory reading scheme with actions and vocal reproductions for each of the 42 letter-sounds. Students are taken by the hand with completely individualised instruction, from the first steps to the exciting ability to read “chapter books.” 

Our maths programme, similarly, leans heavily on the senses by introducing numbers with short ditties, visuals and movements. This responds to children’s needs by providing them with well-paced activities and new concepts as they are required.

We also offer a strong extra-curricular programme on a twice weekly basis for  all classses, with Kinder 3 and Pre-first participating in gym and chess as well.





Parental involvement at all levels, but specially in preschool, is strongly encouraged and supported by the school.

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