A Reflection on ELA’s 2021 PYP Exhibition from Mr Humberto, our PYP Coordinator

During the PYP exhibition, students demonstrate their ability to inquire about and comprehend a topic they have chosen to explore. They carry out different investigations, both individually and in groups. Through the PYP Exhibition, students demonstrate their ability to take responsibility for their own learning, and their skills in evaluating and presenting information. They take an active role in the Exhibition’s planning and work alongside teachers to ensure their findings are delivered in a coherent way. 

The PYP Exhibition represents the fruit of Escuela Lomas Altas Sixth Graders’ efforts. Through a mixture of personal and group work, they are guided by the wider school community throughout the process. 

This school year, students presented a PYP Exhibition under the unit ‘Art and Expression’, relating to the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we Express Ourselves.’ They explored how artistic creations are a means through which human beings satisfy their needs for expression, communication and transcendence.

Students created their own art galleries, in both a physical and digital format, whereby they were able to showcase their artwork, after having concluded an investigation on the different manifestations of art in today’s world, and the way in which humans communicate through them.

You are all invited to digitally navigate the students’ artwork through our online gallery. The link to which is below. You will also find information on the different guests we hosted, how they contributed to the students’ work and experience.

Virtual Gallery: eqrcode.co/a/byafOW

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