ELA 3rd and 4th Graders Honour Mexico’s Heritage with Pelota Mixteca Project.

‘Pelota Mixteca’ is a historical sport, which originated in the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla; it was played by the Mixteca people of the prehispanic age.
The game is played by two teams, made up of five players, who engage in a sport similar to tennis, whereby the goal of each team is to have a small ball bounce on their opponent’s side of the pitch without it being returned. In this case, however, the rackets are replaced by wooden gloves. 
At the initiative of Escuela Lomas Altas P.E teacher, Miss Monica, who wanted to expose Escuela Lomas Altas students to the elaborate nature of prehispanic sports, and in collaboration with Escuela Lomas Altas art teacher, Prof José Luis, our third and fourth grade students designed and created their own personalized gloves. The process involved painting and sanding, and transported them to the heart of Mexico’s prehispanic past. Having played the game, they noted that it definitely seemed easier than it was! Watch the video below to see the outcome of their work!

Pelota Mixteca

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